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# play-scala-seed
This is a seed project based on a giter8 template.
To run the project, assuming you have sbt installed
(it is installed for you on turing), cd into its top-level directory and
Then, from the sbt prompt, to start it on port 1234
run 1234
If you are on a shared machine (eg, turing) you should
choose a port number nobody else is using. On turing,
there is a script `my_tomcat_ports` that can give you
some random port numbers to use.
To stop the server, press Ctrl-d
To exit the sbt prompt, press Ctrl-d again
### Changes to the giter8 template
I have made some changes to the
* **Added Hopper as a repository**
The Scala Build Tool (sbt) knows how to fetch libraries for you.
I have added Artifactory on Hopper as a source of libraries.
* **Changed the Content-Security-Policy**
Out-of-the-box, Play has strict security settings, including setting
the Content-Security-Policy header to 'self' which might prevent your
pages from loading other scripts. I've relaxed this.
* **Added Play JSON**
I have added the library import for the JSON parsing library,
and a couple of examples
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